• G Gauge Speedometer Kit mounts in any rolling stock and tells you speed and distance in any common, and several uncommon scales.
  • 4 Channel Accessory Driver Connect your low power R/C receiver or other device to accessories for operating selonoids, running motors, turning on lights, smoke or what have you. Selectable latching and inverting functions. Debouncing for pushbuttons.
  • Custom High Voltage LED blinker Varying intensity LED binker for mars lights, tail lights or what have you. When you need more than just On and Off. See the video.

Imaginary Products

  • Malibu Lighthouse Simulates a lighthouse by varying the brightless of a lightbulb. Works in your Malibu® 12v AC lighting system.
  • 2 LED Mars Light Simulates a mars light by "rocking" between 2 LEDs.
  • 1 LED Mars Light Simulates a mars light by varying the intensity of 1 led. Greate with a bright white LED
  • Uncoupler Trigger Trigger your MTH style coupler from your low-power R/C receiver output. Uses no more than 10mA of current.
  • Direction Sensing Tail Light Blinking red or steady white for the tail light of your observation car. Senses train motion so you don't need track polarity to tell it what way the train is going.

These are things I've made for people that I might manage to turn into real products.